CRM for employment agencies

Intelligent CRM tool for employment agencies, connecting contractors with recommended contractors. Manage job postings on the site through a proprietary CMS and collect employee data using marketing automation forms.

Integracja z systemami ERP

CV generation
from the forms

Download employee details of interest to your contractors using an online form. On their basis, generate a CV to a PDF file and send it for approval in a uniform and neat form.

Configure the number of document templates generated from CRM to suit your needs or the requirements of your contractors.

Suggesting employees to employers

When a contractor creates a new job offer, the fordevelop system immediately matches matching employee profiles from your database.
These profiles are displayed in the offer card under Recommendedfrom where you can group them for approval by the contractor.

Employee employment history

Calendar of offer realizations

The dates of all work in progress, are marked on the employee's calendar.

Communication archive

All email and SMS messages exchanged with the selected employee are stored by the system.


Keep notes on the employee in question and individual offerings.

Activity history

Check which offers on the website the selected employee was interested in or view the statistics of interest in the published offer.

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