Support in real estate sales

Adapt to the real estate market smart tool. Increase the effectiveness of your sales processes through user identification CRM, CMS for offer management and intelligent campaigns marketing automation

Management price and availability

Content management system on the website allows to edit any parameter of the offer. Change of an apartment's availability status, time reservation or price adjustment is possible from the list of offers in the CMS of fordevelop platform. The effect is immediately visible on your website.

Fordevelop zarządzanie ceną i dostępnością

Your stats for
sales and leads

The statistics kept on the browsed offers on the website by customers gives additional information about their real preferences.

Fordevelop combines this information with individual leads and sales data.

  • Analysis of a lead's buying preferences

  • Automatic creation of interest groups

  • Sales statistics in created groups

Identyfikacja leadów w sprzedaży nieruchomości

It's that simple

Convenient presentation offers for the customer

Most customers first contact with the investment is through the website - it must be fast, useful and give a set of the most important information.

Fordevelop centrum informacji o kontrahentach
Fordevelop centrum informacji o kontrahentach

Multi-channel communication

Send messages to the user through multiple channels, via SMS, email, popups, banners or web push notyfication.

Variables in messages

When creating sms, mail or popu message templates, enter a variable in the desired place that will populate with the recipient's data.

Tagging and scoring

Assigning tags and scoring points gives an accurate indication of a user's interest in your offer.

Marketing automation and
post-sales communication

Personalized messages

The content of the sent messages is automatically completed with the addressee's data. Addressing the recipient by name increases the open rate by up to 126%.

Automatic mailing

Email scenarios are triggered when a user meets a set condition, e.g., after visiting 3 pages with two-room apartment listings.

PDF document output

Fordevelop can store files which are relevant to the offer. Once approved, it sends all the necessary documents to the client.

SMS scheduling

Remind customers, for example, of the deadline for signing a contract by sending SMS messages automatically according to a predetermined schedule.

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