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The specificity of the fordevelop solution makes it possible to add new features or quickly modify existing modules. CRM, CMS and marketing automation. gives you the opportunity to customize your program in 100% to the needs of your business processes.

Dedicated integrations

Fordevelop can operate as a complete stand-alone service or through dedicated integrations as part of your business ecosystem. Fordevelop can be used as a stand-alone service or through dedicated integrations as part of an ecosystem.

Fordevelop centrum informacji o kontrahentach

Integration with ERP SQL

Fordevelop can retrieve selected data from an ERP or any SQL database.

Integration with website

Any CMS or dedicated website can connect and be managed from the fordevelop platform.

SMTP/IMAP integration

Emails, thanks to the mail server integration, can be sent and received by fordevelop and linked to the lead and offer.

REST API integration

The REST standard used in the platform enables simple API integration with any system.

Full support at any stage

The whole fordevelop team will take care of your success. From implementation onwards the marketing automation specialists will support your actions by sharing their knowledge and experience.

A dedicated mentor will help resolve any concerns, and when the need arises to improve or develop something the development team will implement an effective solution.

Mobilne aplikacje wspomagająceMobilne aplikacje wspomagające

Mobile applications supporting

Optimization of business process in many cases requires implementation of mobile application for salesman or customer operating in the field, supporting communication or offer presentation.

Using fordevelop infrastructure, we will create an application directly tailored to the needs of your business from ready-made modules.

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