More than CRM for small business

Fordevelop is a tool for the optimisation of customer service processes. Thanks to the combination of CRM that pulls contacts from forms and tools marketing automation the system reacts instantly to your customer's interactions on the website.

Automatic personalized communication

Display popups to the user drawing attention to offers or products similar to their existing interests. When he completes the contact form, the system will send automatic messages containing additional personalized phrases.

Fordevelop centrum informacji o kontrahentach

Multi-channel communication

Send messages to the user through multiple channels, via SMS, email, popups, banners or web push notyfication.

Variables in messages

When creating sms, mail or popu message templates, enter a variable in the desired place that will populate with the recipient's data.

Tagging and scoring

Assigning tags and scoring points gives an accurate indication of a user's interest in your offer.

Automation Wizard

Marketing automation campaign scenarios give you the ability to manage website activities and multi-channel communication with customers.

Directory management offers and products

Original system to manage the content on the platform's website fordevelop allows you to add and manage offers or product cards without knowledge of programming languages.

Thanks to this solution in CMS changes to the listing can be made by anyone on your sales or marketing team.

Integracja z systemami ERP

Turning anonymous traffic into sales leads

Increase your website's effectiveness in creating sales leads by using unobtrusive popups that encourage people to leave their contact information.

In this way, the system will link the previous, anonymous browsing history of the site with the customer in question, obtaining full information about their interests. Thus providing valuable information to your merchants.

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