Simple CRM for sales B2B

Fordevelop is a collection of tools for B2B sales. Flexible CRM easy to use, combines corporate contact organizer with tools for marketing automation and analytics.Built-in CMS will be used to quickly manage your offers on www.

Information center on counterparties

Gather all the information about the companies you work with and their representatives in one easy to use CRM for B2B sales. Intuitive functionalities of fordevelop platform make work easier for your sales people.

Fordevelop centrum informacji o kontrahentach

Activities on the website

Information about the pages and offers a contact has viewed on your website is an indicator of their real interests.

Bulk SMS and e-mail sending

The gateway allows sending messages to multiple recipients. The content can be completed with the recipient's data such as name automatically.

Grouping of counterparties

Counterparties representing one company are displayed in its detail view. It is also possible to create contact groups based on specified conditions.

Communication archive

All messages sent from the system, called automatically and manually are presented in the counterpart and company card.

Offer management

Original system to manage the content on the platform's website fordevelop allows you to add and managing offers or product sheets without knowledge of programming languages.

Thanks to this solution in CMS changes to the listing can be made by anyone on your sales or marketing team.

Integracja z systemami ERP

Integration with ERP systems

Proprietary content management system on fordevelop platform allows to add and manage offers or product cards without knowledge of programming languages.

Thanks to such a solution in CMS, changes within the presented offer can be made by any person from your sales or marketing team.

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