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Fordevelop is a customized platform for modern marketing to support both online and direct sales. It organizes the key areas of the business, the presentation of the offer online and in a meeting, the monitoring of the website and customer activity, the acquisition and management of contacts. Fordevelop fits easily into the active processes of your company.



marketing Automation


  • Intuitive Site Management Panel

  • Manage all of your listings in one place

  • Quickly view the availability status of your products or services.

  • Temporary reservation setting module

  • Detailed activity log.

  • Also available on mobile devices.

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Technology Advantage


Respond to audience behavior in real time. Fordevelop's algorithms constantly monitor customer activity, giving you the ability to adjust content and actions according to the current context of events.

Get leads and acquire customers.

The system segregates contacts using tags and scoring. It then adjusts marketing and sales activities based on actual engagement.

Save time and resources.

Use pre-built marketing automation templates to achieve a specific goal or create your own recurring cycle in an intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

Structure that supports Your goals

We have developed a division of responsibilities and competencies within our team that supports our core mission - to deliver a product that supports your business.

Fordevelop automation goals

Development and Maintenance

We take care of our system and continuously develop it - and the source of development is contact with customers and their needs.

Fordevelop automation goals


There's always not enough time for challenging and demanding projects - but it's in this team that incredible stories happen.

Fordevelop automation goals


To keep your daily work running smoothly and when you need something improved, developed, changed.... we are ready to support you.

Fordevelop automation goals


We share our knowledge and experience. Together we will develop a comprehensive strategy to effectively use marketing automation in your business.

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